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Best Ways To Save Money Over The Holiday Season

This week on the blog...

I wanted to talk about how to save money over the holidays. Here are my best tips to get the most bang for your buck this holiday szn.

1. PREPARE & Start Shopping Early:

This means making xmas lists early, signing up for online deals, preparing your budget. You don’t have to “cut” things out, you don’t have to suffocate yourself, but by preparing for your expenses, you will be able to map out what that looks like, and be MUCH less stressed going into the holiday season.

2. Comparing Pricing:

If you see something great in store, put it on hold, and do a quick check online. Last year I was at a dept store & saw a great jacket for my brother in law. The line was long, so while I waited, I did a search online, found it 30% off online. You can google the item and check the brand website as well as departments stores and amazon. Sometimes you can save literally hundreds by doing this!

3. Buy in Bulk:

If you know you will be hosting lots of events, or you know many of your friends/family will enjoy the same(ish) gift, then buy in bulk, or buy on website that offer discounts when you spend more.

4. Use points:

If you rack up a bunch of points on point cards, you can use these as alternatives to spending cold hard cash

5. Clean Up Shop:

This is a great time to sell some things lying around. We had an old Canada goose jacket that we didn’t use, great condition. In the store they go for about $1000, and we sold it on Facebook Marketplace to a nice lady for just under $300. Will make a great winter gift for herself or someone she loves, and also put $300 in our pocket.

There are so many ways to save all year long, and during the holidays. Make sure you are following and paying attention to my social because I’ll be sharing more, great money saving and investing tips throughout the holidays!

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