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Vessi Sneakers: A Must-Have For Everyone For Chic Summer Styling

For those of you who know me, you know I am always on the go, and always chasing that summer sun. My number one travel item and my go-to sneaker at home (or on the go) are my Vessi’s.

If you haven’t heard of Vessi, the brand, they are the creators of the very first 100% waterproof shoe that is actually waterproof (no joke). These shoes are shoes you can literally wear ANYWHERE. They are lightweight, durable, and breathable shoes are perfect for keeping my feet cool and comfortable during the busy, hot summer months. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect pair to match your summer outfit!

When I say summer is the best time of the year for me, I say that because the comfy, effortless summer outfits play a huge part in keeping me comfortable and chic during the warm weather! Goodbye layers, am I right?

This year I wanted to share with you how I style my Vessi’s so you can be comfortable, and STYLIISH at the same time.

Ways I rock my Vessis from summer casual to chic;

• Beach Days - Ditch the flip-flops and opt for Vessis to complement your beach outfit! This way you can hike, beach, walk, all of it – without worrying about just having flippy floppys. Vessis will keep your feet comfy and dry, so you can enjoy the sand and sun without any worries. I love that cute and beachy look I get when combining my Vessi with high-waisted shorts and a plain crop top. Accessorize with a cute tote and a sun hat.

• Night Out - Pull off that dress-and-sneakers look for a night out! C'mon guys, it's 2023—give that favorite dress a sporty twist with some athletic-chic pieces like The New Limited Edition Vessi Weekend. Otherwise, you can rock some black skinny jeans and either a plain or a statement top with Vessi Everyday Classic.

• Business Casual - If you're going to wear sneakers to work, make sure you style them right! Opt for sneakers that have lightweight fabrics and a clean, classic design, such as Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons. These shoes are perfect for daily movement in the office in any weather. Pair your Vessis with tailored pieces to balance the casualness of the sneakers. You can go for a blazer or a coat, dress pants, or a midi skirt.

• Walking the Dog - I love that chic, laid-back look when I take our family pup for a stroll. Pair your Vessi with a simple t-shirt, denim shorts, and a summer plaid jacket. The Vessi Weekend will add a touch of style to that easygoing look. Plus, they’re super comfortable!

• Light Workout - We all love staying active during the summer, andwhatever outfit you wear during light workouts, a pair of Vessi shoes will make a

GREAT addition to your look. For yoga, Pilates, or cardio, opt with your favorite leggings and a tank top and Vessi Everyday Move. You can also go for shorts and a hoodie or oversized tee, which are great for outdoor walks and other activities like light hikes and biking. No matter what type of workout you’re doing, Vessis can provide you with the comfort and support you need. Plus, their stylish design and color options make them versatile enough to wear with a variety of workout outfits.

• Family Stroll - For family strolls, picnics, dinners, and so on, I'd just love that simple, loose-fitting blouse, t-shirt, knit top, or dress, and keep the color palette monochromatic with tan jackets, pants, and shoes. TheVessi Boardwalk Slip-On are lightweight, breathable, and waterproof, which means they’re perf for any family activity you have in mind! You can wear them not only in the summer but in any weather, which will absolutely give you that casual yet put-together look that is perfect for family gatherings during the summer.

• Running Errands - Some of you knew that I'm constantly on the move and running errands all over the place, which makes it essential for me to have snug outfits and a pair of comfortable and durable shoes that can keep up with my busy lifestyle. Whether it's related to work, side hustles, or hopping for some grocery shopping, Vessis will always have you covered. Go for high-waisted jeans paired with a tucked-in t-shirt, or a cute romper, maxi dress, or midi skirt paired with denim or lightweight summer jackets, and Vessi Cityscape Classic.

You guys know that I love my Vessis. Whether rain or shine, a good sneaker is ALWAYS the answer. These shoes have amazingly become a game changer for lots of people, including myself. Vessi's shoes are affordable and waterproof (suitable for all seasons, occasions, and weather conditions!). And they’re 100% vegan! Everyone deserves a pair of Vessis of their own, even you, so don't wait any longer to upgrade your shoe game this summer!
Click on the link below to order and receive a FREE pair of crew socks at checkout!

Order today and experience the comfort, style, and durability for yourself this Summer 2023!

Get yours now!

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