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Are you...

  • Interested in investing, but not sure where to start?

  • Feeling like there's more you can do to uplift your finances?

  • Looking for passive income strategies to retire early?

  • Wondering which investments are SAFE and suitable for you?

Surprise! You are not alone. You may not have the time, confidence, or knowledge to guide yourself to financial freedom, but guess what, I am here to guide and support you! 

Let's work together!

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What   I can help you with

  • Eliminating Scarcity Mindset Around Money 

  • Uplifting Your Finances Both in Your Life And Business 

  • Creating A Realistic Roadmap For Financial Planning 

  • Providing Effective Money Saving Strategies 

  • Guiding You Through The Importance of Investing and Providing Resources for Smart Investing

  • Empowering You To Find More Confidence In Your Professional Self Worth 


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Free Resources for Students


30-45 min - 1:1 private session + personalized plan and post session notes

Looking for a commitment free way to work together? Looking to pick my brain about personal finance, investing, real estate, business, travel, setting up courses? I offer this one time 45 min Coaching sesh for those of you who want to “check in” and schedule our time like a meeting.  Includes a personalized game plan + detailed post session notes, links, resources catered specifically to you! 

Step 1: Buy Session

Step 2: Schedule preferred time/date

Step 3: Let's chat!

Step 4: You receive post session notes + resources

Any questions?

Reach out to book a complimentary consultation with Tara today

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