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How do you start your mornings?

Updated: May 7, 2020

Do your weekend mornings and your weekday mornings look the same? Do your workday mornings and days off mornings look the same? Is your morning with your significant other the same as your mornings alone?

It's funny, as we get older, the fact that we are creatures of habit is much more evident. Or maybe that is just me. My workday mornings and weekend mornings look a lot different actually, and not just the wake up time, but more-so the “vibe”. This is year I am actually trying to change that. I want to start implementing a little more of the “weekend vibe” into my workdays.

My “weekend vibe” is much more cozy, casual. I usually clean up a bit, throw in some laundry, light a few candles, put on a facemask, make myself tea and do a bit of work. I ask Alexa to play some morning jazz or spa music, then start my day with some planning (which weirdly puts me at ease) and max relaxing. Lately I’ve also been trying to integrate a morning meditation when I can. Just a quick 10-15 minutes of wake up and picture my best day. I am usually a nighttime meditation lady, so I am going to see if the morning medis work for me, or put me to sleep out of habit. We shall see.

My workday morning routine/vibe is a lot different. I usually wake up about 20 minutes before I have to leave (yes, really - well, when we could leave) wash my face, apply my 27 skincare products, get dressed, make a shake, and out the door I go. It’s not hectic actually, which is surprising because I only have 20 minutes, but my feel is a lot different than a relaxing weekend. So, because I love my beauty sleep, I am not going to wake up earlier, but I am going to try and bring some of my cozy vibes to the office with me this year. I am going to try to start with the Alexa Jazz and bring a candle, and instead of being at home, turn my office into a workday zen den. Sorry men I work with, when you come by (when we're allowed to be together again), it will now feel like your wife’s yoga studio.

The reason why I am bringing up mornings, is because, like I said, the older we get, these routines seem to be more calming and effective. So I’d love to hear about what you do in the morning. How it is different work vs days off? Maybe I can take something away to make my morning routines a little better. Especially the workday mornings, with all of the COVID-19 transitions. MY personal tip for making your workday mornings a little easier, very self explanatory, is to prepare at night. I don’t ever pick what I wear, I was never one to do that. I like to wear what I am FEELING like wearing the day of, so preplanning outfits hasn’t really worked out for me, just honestly stresses me out more. BUT, I do shower at night, do any hair styling I need to (but I really just air dry at night, then its ready in the morning), get my shake powders prepped so I can just blend and go.

Anyways, that’s my morning update with you. I am blessed to only live 10 minutes from work, so I don’t have the long commute, but I am so curious about all of your morning routines, so please share with me in the comments below!

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