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4 Things That Build Wealth Fast

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This week on the blog...

Top wealth managers achieve financial success because they are passionate about financial planning and wealth management. They work really hard and smart and don't waste time and hard-earned money on things that aren't aligned with their wealth-building goals. Most successful people are smart and strategic in handling and building their wealth. They keep a close eye on their expenditures and bank accounts and only have the occasional indulgence.

So, what do the filthy rich want to achieve in terms of wealth-building? Here are my top 4:

1. Assets

Ultra-wealthy individuals rarely purchase goods and services for the specific purpose of showing off their riches. Instead, they invest their money by acquiring assets such as real estate, land, gold, or even artwork or paintings. I have two rental properties right now, which have been some of the BEST investments I have made! Looking to add a third this year.

PPSST. I offer real estate investment advice through my 1:1 Coaching

2. Profit

The secret to endless profits: venturing into business. You can start with easy, small businesses or side hustles in your spare time and earn more money. I do Airbnb, have my consulting business, and many other side streams of $$ to make easy, passive income.

3. Trading

For a millionaire's mindset, owning stocks is the best way to get rich. Duh, we know this one. I created a 10 Module Investing Program just for those who want to dive into the investing world.

4. Investment

Rich people invest not only in real estate, precious metals or the stock market, but they also invest in education, technology, overall health and their network. Networking is not everyone's FAV activity, but it can make a huge difference when we talk about earning extra income and making connections.

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