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Greece Itineraries

I spent about 2.5 weeks in Greece in 2019, and fell in love with the country instantly. Here are my suggested itineraries based on how much time you have, and which regions you are hoping to explore! Each itinerary is based on 14 days, but can be modified depending on your length of travel.

My Itinerary:

Duration: 14 days

Great for: First time in Greece, those wanting a mix of inland and islands.

Athens (2 days) - Meteora (2 days) - Road trip (3 days) - Athens (1 day) - Naxos (3 days) - Santorini (3 days) - Athens (fly home)

*A perfect blend of adventure, inland, islands and history. The three-day road trip is a nice touch, because that part can be unplanned, nothing booked, and you can explore with a more spontaneous outlook.

*Our road trip consisted of a lot of driving from Meteora through the mountains of Greece to the West Coast (near Italy). We actually stopped in Parga and Lefkada.

Mainland and Islands:

Duration: 14 days

Great for: First time in Greece, those who want a more typical Greece trip with more emphasis on the islands.

Athens (2 days) - Corinth (1 day) - Meteora (2 days) - Athens (just overnight) - Mykonos (3 days) - Island 2 (3 days) - Santorini (3 days) - Athens

*A bit of history as well as islands. More island options than my itinerary.

*Can play with the Island choices and pick and choose based on if it is your first visit to Greece.

West Coast and Inland Greece:

Duration: 14 days

Great for: Second time in Greece, those wanting more adventure and off the beaten path

Athens (2 days) - Meteora (2 days) - Road trip (1 day) - Corfu (3 days) - Parga (2 days) - Lefkada (3 days) - Athens

*This itinerary gives you inland options and west coast beaches with one Island

*Not ideal for first time visitors, as some places are off the beaten path, but a great mix of history and beach.

*Can mix and match days and locations, and this is ideal if you have a car rented.

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