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6 Ways to Travel with Intention

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This week on the blog...

1. Learn Local Phrases

Practice how to greet others, ask for directions, and order food when visiting somewhere a different language is spoken.

2. Make a visiting list

Include restaurants, museums, concerts, landmarks, and activities. Ask a local their favorite spots and let your list guide your exploration.

3. Be open to opportunities

Don't schedule every second. Walk if possible and stop anywhere that looks interesting. Your list is just the start of the journey.

4. Eat local food

Try things you've never heard of or ask your server for a local dish. Consider food carts and street vendors but be cautious about food safety.

5. Respect customs & cultures

You are a guest. Do and act as the locals being mindful of dress, behavior, and religious and historical significance.

6. Bring a journal

Record the things you learn each day. What stands out and what surprises you? Which of your preconceived ideas are challenged?

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