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Bad Money Habits You Need To Break

This week on the blog...

Let's all admit it; money is a life essential and one of the most challenging things to manage. Many people find themselves running into a lot of financial trouble because of money management mistakes.

There are several bad spending habits that we all do over and over without even realizing it. These financial pitfalls are demoralizing and can negatively impact your health (especially mentally!) while keeping your pockets empty.

So, before it's too late, start to improve your finances and drop these 5 bad money habits to live prosperously and financially independent:

  1. Spending more than income earned, or more

  2. Racking up credit card debt and taking on unnecessary loans

  3. Consumer Mentality and spending mindlessly

  4. Financial Procrastination and Laziness

  5. Being reliant on one income stream

If you are interested in 1:1 Coaching (reviewing your investments, setting up auto investments, learning to budget better, shifting mindset and relationship with money, how to grow your business, etc.) I am here for you. I also have TONS of FREE Resources on my website and social channels.

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