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Steps to Take for Early Retirement

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This week on the blog...

We all want to retire early, no? Of course we do! Or at least have the CHOICE to.

Here are a few tips on things you can do to set yourself up for early retirement.

Early Retirement Tip #1: Have a Plan

You can't put the formula for financial success to work for you without a plan to accomplish it. It may be a simple process, but it won't happen “just because”. You have to take action.

Early Retirement Tip #2: Remember, it’s not about “looking rich”, it’s about growing wealth.

Most people prefer to LOOK wealthy, not to BE wealthy. Don't believe it? Just look around you and see how many people are in debt compared to how many people are wealthy. Nobody talks about how much debt they have, they just get flashy when it comes to things they’ve “purchased”.

Living this way is a huge mistake. Not to say don’t treat yourself. Treat your damn self. This is a remind that your expenses shouldn’t outweigh your income, and that you should be realistic when it comes to your spending. Having control over your spending will inherently mean you have a more free financial future, ie: to retire earlier.

Early Retirement Tip #3: Invest in Your Financial Education

A principle in wealth accumulation is the rate at which your capital grows. Compound interest, baby. And this also doesn’t come “naturally”. You have to know what you are doing, and then DO IT, to start that beautiful thing called compounding interest.

You must learn before you can earn, friends. And that’s what I am here for. I have a 10 Module Investing Course, I have 1:1 Coaching, I have Coaching Bundles. I have all of this set up, so you are NOT ON YOUR OWN!

Interested in a personalized plan? Want to work together? CLICK HERE to see a full list of services available

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