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Airport Essentials - Things I Don't Leave Home Without

If you’re like me, and spent a lot of time in airports, you have your go-tos to always bring with you. You have those little bags within bags, secret compartments, travel size everything.

Okay, so what is in my go-bag? What are the things I do not travel without? I wrote an “Airport Must Haves” list back in 2013 and lol’d because some things have not changed, and others definitely have (aka skincare). Nonetheless, here is the list of things I do not travel without.

1. Earplugs – I didn’t used to use earplugs, I figured they were only for older people who snore, but in the last few years, I haven’t always slept well so I now always bring ear plugs with me! I love the little orange squishy ones. They have them at the airport or any travel store that exists.

2. Lip Balm – I carry blistex on an airplane at all times. Traveling to different dimensions, densities, climates, and new places will give you the driest, chapped lips. I also love the anthropologie balms, they are awesome!

3. Scarf/Sarong – Even when I am going on a tropical vacation, I bring a scarf or a sarong. Why? Because they double as pillows, blankets, something to cover your eyes. I do not forget this. It is my staple item because I am ALWAYS cold.

4. Extra pair of socks – Airplanes must have some nasty rule where they have to blast the air conditioning and keep their passengers freezing at all times. Also the reason for my scarf/blanket. So, along with my scarf, I bring an extra coze pair of socks to throw on.

5. Airpods/headphones – Can be apple pods or any other brand, but, this is an obvious – you don’t want to use the “free” ones the airline provides you. Make sure you bring your own, to plug into their system or just for your own phone and computer.

6. Face wipes – This wasn’t on my list in 2013. Maybe I had a baby face, or didn’t care about my skin, but either way, they are a must on my list now. I use them for my hands, face, especially on long flights.

7. Moisturizer & Rosewater Spray – Call me crazy, but I always bring a small bottle of rosewater spray along with my travel size moisturizer. In the case that its been a few hours, I can moisturize and then spray the rosewater as needed so I don’t have to keep “rubbing” my face to stay hydrated.

8. Refillable water bottle – Another must have, for obvious reasons. You can’t take water through security, but as soon as you get through, you can fill up your water anywhere. It is so important to stay hydrated on long flights!

*Pro tip – ask the flight attendant to fill it when you get on. Tell them you have medicine to take and need it right away, otherwise you have to wait until they come around 2 hours later for access to water.

9. Comfortable Runners – It is so important to me to be comfortable when traveling. Comfy clothing, and especially comfy shoes.

10. Extra Charger/USB cord – Now on airplanes you just need a USB cord and you can plug in right at your seat. Don’t forget this, so you don’t end up landing with a dead phone.

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